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Animation is Good for Your Business

Back when I was in charge of an animation studio, I negotiated a deal with an online marketing company to develop customized videos for their clients. When I told someone, they were a little puzzled, as we were known for our children's programming. How many companies have a need for funny, talking animals? he asked. Well, there are many very effective ways to use animation to help your business. Along with creating ways to communicate complex ideas better in presentations, animation can also be used to help guide customers in the use of your product, make graphs and charts come alive, and breath life in your branding. In addition, animation helps correct issues in live action that would be tremendously expensive to fix otherwise. For example, we were approached by a documentary filmmaker who made a deal with an energy drink company. The problem was only water bottles were visible in the film. Our animation team went to work and magically everyone in the film clearly preferred the sponsor's product. So, before you dismiss animation as just for kids, just look around and see how other companies, including your competitors, are using it.

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