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Buddy the Jerboa

Malba-Media has the exclusive rights to the best-selling children's book, Buddy the Jerboa. The second book in the series will be published by Malba-Media and is set to be released 3rd Q 2019. You can read more about the series at here.

Gefilte_Fish_color (1).jpg

Gefilte Fish

Malba-Media has the exclusive rights to Gefilte Fish, the comedic adventures of the underwater adventures of Sol Gefilte, a young Jewish fish looking to find his place in the world. Gefilte Fish started as a comic strip which can be found here.


Jackson Cottontail

"Cottontail? Any relation to..."

"NO! And it's a very common name for rabbits!"

So begins the adventures of Jackson Cottontail, accountant by day and purported superhero at night. 

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