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Sister Elisabeth

The Strength of Faith

The inspiring true story of Sister Elisabeth Manhertz and her role in building the St. Elizabeth Home Society, Canada's most revered faith-based senior care and retirement housing organization. This full-length feature film takes us from Sister Elisabeth's humble roots in pre-war Hungary, through the barbed wire border fences of the Hungarian communist state, to a new life as an immigrant in post-war Canada. It shows us how her life of simple faith helped her triumph over the forces of hatred and greed that threatened to tear down a lifetime of God's work. 

Parallel Man

On a parallel Earth, a rogue agent from an evil America must stop his own government from coming here to enslave our world. Within the myriad of parallel Earths, there is an alternate America that travels the multiverse and uses this incredible power to enslave other worlds. Unfortunately, for us, our planet is next. Nick Morgan, a secret super-agent for their evil government — known as The Ascendancy — has turned rogue and vowed to stop them at any cost.

The Bone War

The discovery of America’s first complete dinosaur skeleton in 1885 by two Wyoming farm kids puts them in the middle of a high-stakes rivalry between two aggressive and dangerous fossil hunters. They soon find themselves in a whirlwind adventure of strange characters, deceit, and murder. Like it or not, they are now pawns in The Bone War.  

Based on the book, My Daniel, written by award-winning author Pam Conrad. Ms. Conrad (deceased in 1996) was an award-winning author of critically acclaimed and popular young adult novels in the 1980s and ‘90s, including the popular Tub People series. She is the recipient of the American Library Association’s Best Children’s Book of the Year, the ALA’s Golden Kite Honor, the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, and a Newbery Medal finalist.  

Street Squad

The show centers around a group of teen wrestlers who are training to be "elite" wrestlers and the challenges they face as wrestlers as well as in the outside world. To help them focus, they think of traits associated with animals to draw inspiration, such as stealth (Rabbit), strength (Bear), persistence (Turtle), and quickness (Cobra).

Gown of Spanish Lace

Young and Beautiful, Ariana Benson is a schoolteacher who longs to escape the doldrums of her small western town.  But Ariana gets more than she bargained for when she’s abducted by a gang of ruthless outlaws and taken to their hideout to meet their every need.  When the danger around her escalates, the second-in-command, Laramie kidnaps Ariana from the other to save her life.  His betrayal leads the gang on a relentless search to hunt them down and kill them both.  During their quest to stay alive, the schoolteacher finds her adventure, the outlaw finds his redemption, and together they find love.

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